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Every Stay Gold tattoo is planned and executed down to the smallest detail, ensuring a sharp and refined finish.


We only use top of the line industry equipment in everything done at Stay Gold Tattoo. Pairing this with years of experience makes for a premium end product.


Every Stay Gold tattoo is completed to the highest standard, regardless of the size or design.

I love to bring the craziest designs to life


Find your answers

How old do you have to be to get tattooed?

18 yrs of age or older. No minors, no exceptions, not even with parental permission.

How much is the minimum charge of a tattoo?

The minimum charge is $100 plus tax. On the fingers, feet, hands , and neck is $125 plus tax and the face is $150 plus tax. It is more difficult to do these more complicated areas and very few artist have the experience to do them well.

How much is your hourly rate?

In most cases, hourly rates do not apply. An hourly rate is only used on very large, ongoing pieces, such as a full back, or sleeve. For smaller single sitting tattoos, there is a set price, depending on the size, placement, and amount of work involved the hourly rate is $180 per hour plus tax.

How long have you been tattooing?

I started tattooing in 1996, so approximately 25 years, spread out over 4 provinces and 1 Territory.

How do you take care of a new tattoo?

Your artist has been collecting tattoos since 1987 and has tried just about every method of healing a tattoo that has been thought of. Through trial and error , as well as talking to other artists, your artist has developed the best method of healing your tattoo, guaranteed to heal faster and easier, with less itching than any tattoo you may have received so far. Your artist will go over all the info at the completion as well as give you a printed version to take home. If you follow these instructions to the letter, you will have no problems healing your new ink ... in the event you do have any problems, you can contact the shop for help.

Do you do touch ups?

Yes, all work done at Stay Gold Tattoo comes with free touch ups if needed, within the first 6 months. Please visit the shop to set up an appointment.

Do you take walk-ins?

Currently due to the pandemic, we are supposed to work by appointment only, but same day appointments are available. Call the shop to see how busy it is, most cases I can get you in on the same day, within hours.

Do you require a deposit for appointments and how much is it?

Deposits are required on all large tattoos and any appointment booked in advance. Smaller tattoos don't need to leave a deposit if they are being done the same day. Deposit is $60 no tax. This amount will be taken off the total price of the tattoo when it is finished. This amount is NON-REFUNDABLE. No exceptions. We accept cash, cash or cash....ATM will be available on site.

Do you sell aftercare products?

Yes I currently have Hustle Butter foil packs for sale. Larger tattoos of 3-4 hours or more will receive a free pack.

Do you do piercings?

No sorry, there are no body piercers working at Stay Gold Tattoo.